Born and raised in America, Adeola is a Nigerian American who loves everything beautiful.  Her love for beauty and accessories stems from a very young age when she would go shopping with her mother on weekends.  Being the first of three girls, Adeola was always the one that followed Princess (a name she affectionately coined her momma at about 11 years old) to department stores.  Little did Adeola know it would be the beginning of her love for all things beautiful and girly.  While Princess would shop, Adeola would walk from counter to counter watching the different makeup artist perform their magic while she childishly played with the makeup that was in her reach.  Often, Princess would give her the samples she received from the various counters and it definitely shaped her view on cosmetics.

Adeola grew up in a very strict home and wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until about 15, and even that was only allowed on the weekends.  She was so excited when she would be allowed to wear a transparent, glitter eyeliner sticker during the weekends.  Even with still receiving makeup items from her mom she didn’t fully begin wearing makeup until about the age of 22 when she was fully employed.  From there her love intensified for makeup.

Adeola also loves accessories, a lot!  Princess is a child of a fashion seamstress accessory and jewelry seller, so she passed that same love of accessories to Adeola.  Adeola loves accessories and has a motto that her clothing may be as simple as a pair of jeans and a v-necked shirt however it is the accessories that will spice up the outfit!  For Adeola her makeup, shoes, handbag and jewelry are all accessories to the outfit she wears!

At the age of 19, she met a Fashion Designer, B.Oreck who would later become her husband.  Adeola often says that “there is no way to be married to a Fashion Designer and not fall in love with fashion.”  His only female “client”, B.Oreck is Adeola’s stylist and photographer.