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If you want to get in contact with me please email me at  I will try my very best to respond to as may emails as I can.  Thank you so much for your email and taking your time to send me a message. 


The Adeola Adunni Blog offers advertising/banner space to a brands ever month.  I only work with brands that I love and endorse and want to share with my readers.  If you would love to feature your product(s) on the blog please contact me at for more details. 


Adeola Adunni would be more than happy to collaborate or be sponsored by a brand that speaks to the aesthetic of the Adeola Adunni Blog/brand.  For inquiries related to collaborations and sponsorships please contact

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To invite me to an event, please email me at

Press Samples

As this is a beauty/accessory(fashion)/lifestyle blog, I will gladly accept and review products that I truly love and adore on the blog.  In order for us to have this take place, there will be a contract that must be agreed upon by said company and Adeola Adunni to ensure that everything spoken about on the blog meets the blog requirements and standard.  I will not under any circumstance feature any product (clothing, accessory, show, jewelry, etc) on the blog that I don’t use and love.  I only want to create an atmosphere on Adeola Adunni where I chronicle my loves with and for my readers.  To inquire please contact Thank you for understanding.