Well, we have made it to the last week on January 2019, can you believe it.  This month has flown by and I am super excited to see the rest of the year but I do want it to slow down a bit.  This year I’ve decided that no matter what the month holds that I will always do a diary entry for the blog to document what I thought about the month, things I want to change or implement and what I am looking forward to the following month.  So here we go….

This month has been amazing overall.  It was a really relaxed and chill month for me as I just went back to work (teaching) after an almost full 6 weeks off.  Here are the highlights:

  1. Usually in January my church goes on a one week prayer and fasting retreat in which I’ve participated in for the last 5 years.  That is how I began my year and it was amazing.
  2. I’ve re-structured my business and have now placed everything I am working on under the umbrella of Adeola Adunni Global Enterprises.  I am so excited to share with you all very soon all that we have been working on.  Just stay tuned to all my socials!
  3. I began a new virtual mastermind group called Purposeful Living, which I am so proud of.  It is for those who desire to live their best lives in 2019 and beyond.  Click here to join, it’s FREE!

Here are what I will be working on next month:

  1. Re-releasing my vlog show, Chronicles of Purpose.
  2. Blogging daily and developing my writing skills and habits.
  3. Study and teaching Bible studies and theology/religion content more to teens and young adults.
  4. Having tons of fun while building and structuring my business!!!
  5. Drink less coffee and increase my water intake!  LOL…but I so serious yall.

How was your January and what are you looking forward to in February?