Have you wondered why so many people fall off the bandwagon after the 3rd week of the year after setting New Year’s Resolutions?  It is said that a whopping 92% of people will never accomplish their yearly goals that they set for themselves.  Hmph, why is this?!?!  Well because this whole thing called ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ don’t work.  They never have and they never will.  I used to be apart of those 92% of people who meticulously waited for the new year to begin to start a new ritual that would only last for just 2 weeks.  This year I am taking matters into my own hands and doing life a lot different.

Here are the things that I will do in 2019 to ensure I have the most successful year of my life:

  1. Be Grateful MORE- I am typically a very grateful person as that is how my parents raised my sisters and me.  However, because of life’s circumstances and situations I’ve dropped into the the routine of not truly being grateful for even the smaller things that are in my life.  I call them small but there are those who would do anything to trade places with me for even 5 minutes.  This year I will continue to use my planner to journal 3 things in which I am grateful for daily.  When I journal in the morning before engaging in anything else I strengthen my mindset which is so very important for me and my mental strength.  This does not mean that unforeseen things will not occur as they do but when I’ve set the tone for my daily by being grateful it allows the rest of my day to follow suite.  I encourage you to do the same.
  2. Exercise – Have you noticed that with even a simple stretch of the body that you feel a lot more flexible – yeah I have too.  This year I commit myself to moving and exercising at least 4-5 times a week.  I am a person of routine and structure so I need the gym.  Thankfully my gym in only about 15-20 minutes away from my home so I will be very frequent there this year.  I believe in not only mentally developing myself but to also physically develop my body so that I am able to do the work that I have been called (purposed) to do.
  3. Chronicles of Purpose – I’ve challenged myself to a huge, very HUGE project.  I actually started last year as a test drive but this year I will be going full force.  Chronicles of Purpose is my daily vlog show that I will be airing on YouTube and my website.  The purpose of this show is to number to challenge myself to grow past all the disappointment and delay I’ve experienced in life and to also chronicle my journey to purpose.  I am on a journey as we all are to discover my purpose, develop deeper faith and experience fulfillment in life.  This has been a challenge for me in which I have allowed many years to pass me by because I had a different thought process.  This year I want to push through all the adversary I may encounter and develop a better person.  I also desire to inspire, encourage and encourage anyone else who is on this journey of purpose just as I am.
  4. More days in the office/studio – I am an entrepreneur!  But last year and the year before that and so on has been a real struggle.  The reason why is because my time has been divided.  I’ve been involved in too many things that don’t allow me to be in the office more to produce more and better content.  My company includes me being a blogger, vlogger, podcaster and teacher and in order to produce the best quality content this year I must be in the office more.  When my husband and I purchased our home last year I was adamant that whatever home we purchase must have an officer with nice windows that will allow a lot of sunlight into the room.  I am so happy that I have a home office with a double door that allows me to walk into the back yard while bringing in the most gorgeous sunlight ever.  This is my happy place where I can create the best content for the world.
  5. Teach more – As I mentioned in point 4 I am a teacher (professor) in the classroom.  I’ve been teaching f0r 13 years and I LOVE IT.  I love being a teacher and am grateful everyday for my students.  As much as I love the classroom it has shown me that I am limited to the classroom and the amount of students I have.  I want to teach more – reach more students around the world.  So this year (very soon actually) I will be teaching on a larger scale on topics that matter to me the most.  If you are interested in my teachings you can join my online mastermind group for more information.  Please only join if you are serious about developing your purpose and faith and finding fulfillment in life.
  6. Be intentional – One area of my life that I want to focus on this year in which I know it will bring great growth is the area of intention.  I must be very intentional with all that I do.  I really don’t have time to waste.  I don’t have time to play around with people or myself.  I have lots of work to accomplish and it will only be accomplished if I am very intentional with my time, money and resources.